Friday, November 13, 2009

Horrible traffic in Lucknow!

In the last thirty days I have had two accidents on Lucknow roads. I had one last evening. Accidents are just accidents but I guess the traffic police has to share a bit of blame too. They are there, it appears just to fine people for not wearing helmets. That is their sole concern perhaps! It would embarrass a Lucknowite if photos of Parivartan Chowk or Burlington crossroads were published in a major newspaper during peak hours. It is worse than cattle running helter-skeltor .

Since the last quarter century I see that traffic is absolutely crazy when big schools like St. Francis get over but since the last quarter century they have done nothing about it. Similarly Red Hill School for toddlers on Gokhle Marg. There is hardly any space to walk on the road when Red Hill school gets over. But the traffic police is at the crossroads fining people for not wearing helmets. Wonder what kind of prioritization that is?

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