Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Capitalism II

I thank everybody who responded to my previous blog post titled Capitalism. It was severely criticized by some and appreciated by others so what I set out to achieve by that piece was in fact achieved which was to set people thinking because if I wont probably nobody else would why because publication houses have turned capitalist in a big way even Indian publication houses and please do not let us talk about that big pimp MSM. If you do not know MSM google it please!

So the main objection was from people who had already studied or were studying for an MBA degree. They felt they were duty bound to tear me to shreds.. well I sympathize with them for they know not that they are not co-conspirators in this Capitalism thing but were in fact the victims! I really sincerely sympathize with them! Victim how? Victim because they probably left home and hearth to study for an expensive degree often taking educational loans! What they were taught essentially - how to fool their brethren and create demands for things one does'nt need, how to create illusions and get people to empty their pockets and how to spread lies effectively! I see you itching to say no no no that is management and blah blah blah.. .well cut that fancy....! And let me tell you the aforementioned are not my words but the words of an MBA student, someone who just completed and MBA and I was stunned to see that coming from him because those were precisely my thoughts. And after doing all that what does one get - a huge EMI to pay off that loan and to pay off that loan a job with a lot of responsibility and 'targets' and the perpetual anxiety of a lay off. There is really no relaxed day for a big shot manager and you know it though it suits some people who would have been pushy MBA or no MBA , Capitalism or no Capitalism but it does not suit a majority of people why because Indians are not brought up that way. Indians were basically not into Capitalism and I daresay never will be due to our lives being constantly guided by religion and philosophy. We are not pushy people!

Now the main thing that makes people support Capitalism is free market.. damn it ... For God's sake please understand that free market is not = capitalism. Ha ha please do not make that mistake. Free Market and Capitalism are close friends but they are not husband and wife or should we say Romeo and Juliet who would die without one another. What would you call Chinese economy? Can you possibly call it Capitalist economy ha ha now Can you? No it is to a certain extent free market economy just like India but it is predominantly a communist country. So you will give the plea that look at China and how it has made progress.. well do your research.. Chinese made that kind of progress by exports.... probably you buy 4 or 5 Chinese items everyday. China has inundated markets worldwide with their produce, thank yourself that in India there is still stuff produced domestically. It is not that way in the west which are purely capitalistic countries and are motivated only by profit! So effectively Americans are destroying their own economy by peddling Chinese stuff! You see? It is not much different in Europe either though in Europe there are still checks against Chinese goods.

Also the biggest thing is that the PR machinery of Capitalism is active and what you are witnessing is the romantic phase of Capitalism in India. It is like a dashing boy romancing an innocent girl, just wait when the guy abandons the girl. Nasha jab utrega to gutter me pada payenge.

I wish I could but I cannot even say that I am a supporter of free market because there is no ideal free market - it moves to monopoly! Capitalism is uncontrollable ! It is like lighting a cigarette using a hand grenade, the cigarette would light up but you would also go up in smoke! Capitalism really is centered around pure profit making which is the primitive stage of human development when materialism just came in and the primitive man cared about nothing but accumulating stuff and bartering it away - the next higher stage was spiritual and social development when man had higher motives in dealing with each other. You all know that I do not need to tell you that.

Chinese example is good in that the state has checks and balances and regulations and in fact they have two special administrative regions like Hong Kong and Macau which are almost purely capitalist but are insulated from rest of economy. Hong Kong is the hub of business in Asia maybe only because of its strategic location.

People protested that 'if not Capitalism then what' in response to my previous post and it is very simple seemingly but on the ground we need to do a lot of work or rather the FM needs to do a lot of work. We need to identify areas where free market and Capitalism cannot be allowed at all like Media and Pharmaceuticals and Health care. Sectors like these cannot be allowed to make insane profits, if we just regulated the profit they can earn those Capitalist pimps would get off these sectors. Let me tell you that the way things are going on it is going to be really dirty with media. The state cannot watch while media spreads all that insanity - the state cannot watch a whole generation of young people, its bright hopes wasting their time on cricket and celebs no the state cannot do that. The state cannot watch as healthcare mafias make money out of people's pain. We need to regulate profits in some industries. We need checks and balances and regulation - China does it!

My own theory is , and you can call me insane, that all this drugs and promiscuity thing and this breaking up of the institution of marriage is all because of capitalism. The west is so insane, it cannot stick to one ideal philosophy, sometimes it becomes too promiscuous and sometimes it becomes very strait laced like in Victorian era. In the sixties the publishing industry and the entertainment industry hit the wall and they suddenly discovered Hedonism or rather rediscovered it. Aha that was opening of the floodgates, thousands of rock bands teaching that Hippy thing and the drugs and the delinquent behaviour cropped up overnight. Unscrupulous , adulterous and promiscuous writers came out of closet and started supplying the publishing industry with the necessary gunpowder. It became a big achievement to be free to proudly display that naked body full of so much accumulated fat! Give me a break ! You don't fool me - I could never accept the Beetles as so many Gods even if I were living then. I see your conspiracy. The question now is do you see it! Now do you!

Don't give your money to those mutual funds and shares, don't think you will outsmart them. In any case working hard can yield you more money than gambling away at shares. Do not act innocent , if you want to make a quick buck and do nothing for it well you have joined the bandwagon of conmen and if you feel cheated you have only yourself to blame.

So beware! In India we have an additional handicap of highly insincere people being in power because they came to power riding piggyback on the phobia they generated. Hindu parties generated the phobia that Muslims will kill Hindus and vice versa, parties supporting so called 'low caste' people said they had been exploited since generations and scheme underway to destroy them and they had their own following. You know all that! So do not expect the government to do any kind of regulatory stuff for you! Though it is a comfort that Indian people are intrinsically smart, only a tiny percent of them, at this stage are at all affected by Capitalism. In UP at least, people invest in land and gold not in shares and debentures and whatever all that is! People do not buy items they do not need like for example we recently had a store selling very expensive pens in a very expensive mall. It closed down! People do not go for big brand names by and large even if they have the money! Ha ha that gives me hope!

So well I did not write this blog for a thesis, I did not write it to show I am erudite because really I am not and I know this, I did not write this for money because I never monetized nor will ever monetize this blog, I did not write for your votes because I am not a politician and not a member of any voting stupidity - I wrote it just to warn you! I cannot possibly cover all the instances where you may be fooled by the capitalist con industry I am not competent enough to do that nor do I have the necessary resilience!

For the one last time I am warning you, you just have to remember this simple thing - before you give someone your money think - think - think!


  1. AnuragJi, quite comprehensive and competitive writeup. But, i think that the article needs to have a generalized approach to make a mark on the readers. Pointing a few points that i disagree with :

    1. You say "Hindu parties generated the phobia that Muslims will kill Hindus and vice versa, parties supporting so called 'low caste' people said they had been exploited since generations and scheme underway to destroy them and they had their own following."

    My Assertion: Acc to 1991 census Muslim population expanded in a geometric progression (1.5 times) as compared to Hindu population, add this to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits - the fear in Hindus is genuine. In regards to Dalit issue, i think that it is a crime per se to use the terms "Dalit" , "Minority" , "Lower Caste" , "Upper Cate" etc. The Constitution prohibits such. Reservations etc must be abolished to incept harmony in the state. Else, the muted hatred will always prevail.

    2. Capitalism in China : SirJi, China is a communist, non democratic nation where the government is a single party govt. People call it whatever, for me its anarchic. We cannot compare capitalism in India with that of China. Its just unfair.

    3. Regarding you criticizing of MBA, pls be elucidate whether you are critical of MBA as a course or of the institutions that mint money through the course ? I could not receive the msg in that stanza with clarity.

    I quite agree and infact applaud your point on the regulation needed in Health care sector. My opinion is that education sectors must also be partially regulated, in terms of fees, infrastructure & faculty assessment. For Media, there must be regulations to check unbiased and prompt reporting (unlike the fiasco of Bareilly & Hyderabad reporting). A brilliant effort otherwise... hope to see more from you.

    Jai Hind!

  2. Akhil Ji I am indebted to you for commenting on my blog post. At this stage I cannot discuss about the Hindu Muslim issue since my line of thinking is quite different and I do not have the right data to argue. Also I judge people on a case to case basis not on the basis of religion, caste , creed, race etc.
    Also if there is a partisan approach I guess it is the parties who are to blame not the communities they supposedly support.
    Capitalism III is coming up soon! I hope you will find some answers in that.
    I criticize both the course of MBA and the organisations milking students by offering expensive MBA degrees.
    Thanks again for sparing your valuable time.

  3. Thanks for enabling the comment option, Sir. The post is very well written.

    Capitalism has designed products which forces people to use them. I believe that has resulted into sufferings all over the world. A simple example of this is the speculation in commodities market by Western UP farmers who ended up losing huge sums of money.

  4. Dear Mr. Shiv thanks so much for kindly commenting! Capitalism III is coming up next!