Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who am I in short !

Well who am I - simple answer is I am a Lucknowite - complex answer is I am a lot of things writer, observer, bad photographer, medical college dropout ........ My family - well we have been here for at least 170 years living in the same area and in the same house for almost 90 years now. In all probability we are here even before the Nawabs but not sure of that one. People say my great great.... grandfather helped the so called 'mutineers' with a lot of money since he was a prominent businessman of the city ... but it could just be something people made up. So well that's it let us talk about Lucknow only from now on - coz that is why you are here ! We will talk about a lot of disconnected things or well things that are connected by the keyword 'Lucknow' . Thanks for sharing a bit of your precious time with me !

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